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Skilled Mediation Services

Attorney Vonda Kay draws from more than two decades of practicing exclusively in Texas family law to provide legal advocacy and mediation services for family law issues such as:

  • Divorce
  • Suits affecting parent-child relationships
  • Post-divorce division of property
  • Division of assets and debts
  • Paternity issues
  • Modifications

Mediation can help you effectively move past differences and create agreements incorporating your core values. The advantages of mediation generally include:

  • Privacy – Mediation occurs outside of the courtroom and is a private process.
  • Control –  You and the other party typically choose your mediator, but the court may appoint a mediator in some cases. I might be the mediator in your dispute or I could represent you at your mediation.
  • Speed – The mediation process usually concludes faster than courtroom litigation.

While you and the other party have full control over the timeline in your mediation process, your mediator is there to guide the procedure and answer your questions about potential outcomes. When both parties are able to agree to the terms during mediation, the court usually memorializes the resulting agreement as a court order.

For clients wishing to engage attorney Vonda Kay as a mediator, Ms. Kay offers mediation at $450 per party for half-day and $800/party for a full day. Payment for mediation services is due prior to mediation commencing.

Premier Litigation Support For Attorneys

Serving Collin County with practical family law solutions, attorney Vonda Kay has deep knowledge of the community’s needs. She offers prompt and multifaceted legal support for area family law attorneys.

Ms. Kay may be available to assist with litigation services relating to family law matters, such as:

  • Drafting services related to family law cases
  • Trial preparation and trial assistance
  • Research related to family law
  • Witness preparation
  • Other custom services

Ms. Kay is potentially available for short and long-term projects.

Contact Attorney Vonda Kay For Quality Legal Solutions

To schedule a consultation with Ms. Kay in-person or over the phone, call the Law Office of Vonda Kay in Allen at 866-543-1127. You may also send her an email through this secure website to do the same.