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Experienced And Compassionate Legal Counsel

When family conflicts escalate to the point where they require legal intervention, you need an experienced lawyer to handle your case with fairness and sensitivity. Drawing from more than two decades of family law experience, attorney Vonda Kay provides comprehensive, individualized service for clients navigating the challenges of shifting family dynamics. Ms. Kay understands that these cases not only pose unique legal challenges but can also create significant emotional upheaval.

At the Law Office of Vonda Kay, Ms. Kay provides practical solutions for Texas families facing changes as a result of:

Whether at pretrial settlements or mediation, Ms. Kay will protect your rights and work hard to help you reach the best possible settlement. She knows that each case is different and will treat yours with the individualized, personal attention it deserves. When you come in or call for a free initial consultation, she will discuss the details of your case with you and provide knowledgeable, professional advice about potential next steps.

Optional Limited Scope Assistance

Sometimes, clients decide to represent themselves through the legal process, an arrangement known as “pro se.” Some prefer to hold down costs by enlisting a lawyer for limited scope representation, meaning an attorney handles only the parts of the legal process they can’t do on their own. Attorney Vonda Kay provides limited scope services for certain clients but recognizes that limited scope may not be workable in other cases. If you are interested in limited scope representation, Ms. Kay can discuss with you whether that might be appropriate or realistic for your particular case.

Call The Law Office of Vonda Kay Today

Flat fee or payment plan options may be available for some uncontested cases. To arrange for your free initial consultation in-person or over the phone, call Ms. Kay toll-free at 866-543-1127, or use the contact form.