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Child Custody Attorney Serving McKinney And Allen

When a marriage ends and children are involved, deciding on a custody and visitation scheme often depends on the "best interest" of the child. There can, however, be a good deal of disagreement between parents about what "best interest" actually means. Where there is little or no agreement, the court will decide, taking into consideration such factors as:

  • Which parent has been the primary caregiver
  • Any history of drug, alcohol, or child abuse
  • Financial and social resources

McKinney family lawyer Vonda Kay has over 10 years of experience helping Texas families organize custody arrangements. Ms. Kay understands that every child custody situation is different, and that each custody case requires an individualized solution. When you come in or call for a free initial phone consultation, she will listen to your story and give you straightforward, compassionate advice about your options moving forward.

Texas Custody And Visitation Lawyer

Cooperative parents can sometimes work out a custody and visitation arrangement of their own. Even in those cases, however, it is good to get a court order so that the arrangement is enforceable. Family law attorney Vonda Kay can study any existing arrangements you may have made, and let you know if they would stand in court. She can also provide clarity around specific issues you may have about your custody case, including:

  • What joint custody means for each parent
  • What sole custody means for each parent
  • What happens to children of unmarried parents
  • What happens to children of same-sex couples
  • How visitation works for long-distance parents

McKinney child custody lawyer Vonda Kay is committed to helping clients come to the best possible solution to their child custody and visitation issues. She works with each client one-on-one to make sure he or she understands his or her parental rights and duties, making the well-being of the children the cornerstone of any agreement. If you're struggling with issues of child custody or visitation rights, the Law Office of Vonda Kay is here to help.

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