Collin County Family Law Attorney & Mediator

Attorney Vonda Kay provides trusted legal advocacy and mediation services for family law issues such as divorce, suits affecting parent-child relationships, modifications, and other agreed family law cases. She offers clients full and limited scope representation. Ms. Kay also provides litigation support services for attorneys relating to family law matters.

Practice Areas

Family law

Family Law

Focusing on the best interests of your child.



Agreed divorces with or without children.



Change happens. Modify your orders.

Child custody and visitation

Child Custody And Visitation

Focusing on the best interests of your child.

Mediation and litigation support

Mediation And Litigation Support

Prompt and multifaceted legal advocacy.

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Experienced Exclusively In Family Law For 20+ Years

Dealing with changing family dynamics and facing an uncertain future can feel overwhelming. For many, the thought of engaging the legal system during this stressful time creates even more anxiety.

That’s when you need a lawyer with the deep experience and knowledge of Texas family law to help you through your situation. If you are facing a major transition within your family, the Law Office of Vonda Kay can help.

With more than 20 years of experience in family law, attorney Vonda Kay can navigate the many legal hurdles involved in divorce, child custody and visitation and modifying your existing court orders for custody and visitation.

Ms. Kay doesn’t just file your paperwork and move you out the door. She understands that dealing with emotions is part of the process. She is committed to removing some of the stress of legal battles within the family, handling the ongoing details of your case so you can focus on reclaiming your life.

Have You Thought Of Mediation?

When you come in to discuss your case, Ms. Kay will speak with you personally, examining your individual situation from all perspectives to determine your best course of action. You have several options for resolving your family law differences, including informal settlement negotiations, mediation or arbitration.

Ms. Kay serve as mediator for your case or if she represents you, she will be with you every step of the way during mediation to give you advice and counsel through the entire mediation process. Mediation is a useful method for effectively communicating your differences and then creating a settlement agreement on your own with your soon-to-be former spouse or other parent of your child.

Mediation is required in most contested cases in Collin County and is a very successful approach to settling your family law disputes and issues.  Once a mediated settlement agreement is reached in a case, you can feel confident that you both participated in finding common ground and agreements that work for your individual family need relating to your divorce, custody case or modification.  Ms. Kay’s family law experience will assist in finding creative solutions for your specific family law matter in mediation.  Ms. Kay feels that just as every family is unique, every family law case will have unique issues and challenges that make that case a little different from another family law case.

When you need a compassionate advocate who is knowledgeable about the intricacies of mediation, attorney Vonda Kay is ready to help.

Litigation Support Services For Attorneys In Collin County

Drawing from more than two decades of experience, Ms. Kay offers local attorneys throughout Collin County knowledgeable legal assistance with custom services relating to family law concerns. Her litigation support includes drafting legal documents, trial preparation, witness preparation, assistance at trial and other legal services for short-term or long-term projects.

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Practical Family Law Solutions For Over 20 Years

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Are You Seeking Quality Legal Counsel?

Clients throughout Collin County look to the Law Office of Vonda Kay for high quality legal advocacy and reasonable fees. Do not let the fear of overwhelming legal fees you from seeking quality legal counsel. Ms. Kay levels the playing field.

Experienced exclusively in family law for more than two decades, attorney Vonda Kay commits to helping you create the stability you seek for yourself and family.